LUCR Projects – Veritas University

The projects presented below show the final results of a one-year-long studio agenda developed at the Unidad de Titulación 5 (our own kind of diploma unit 5) at Veritas University School of Architecture in San Jose, Costa Rica.

During the past year, students engaged with infrastructure and its relevance for the production of space, and developed projects with a various range of programs, scales and locations, from port terminals and coastal management to airport cities. But most significantly, all students were deeply committed with critical social and environmental agendas, utilizing architecture as a political means towards raising  public awareness of specific issues of social and environmental justice.

Since we started this Unit in 2011, we took a risk of introducing a new discipline to the traditional academic curriculum, a discipline that presented a challenge for old fashion urban design courses and brought a completely new approach to the relevance of landscape design for better city making in our context.  The redefinition of research methods, graphic and modeling techniques were part of the tactics needed for changing the status quo.

Many thanks to Msc Wendy Molina, course tutor, who brought a very interesting balance to the course from the urban sociology perspective, a key input for the amazing results we proudly present.

Many thanks to our students Alejandro Ramirez, Natalia Castro, Priscilla Ruiz, Pamela Hector, Andrés Lara, Diego Sanchez, Maricruz Campos, Jeanine Atencio, Daniela Quesada, Cristina Guell, Silvia Gallegos and Marcus Brown, for their exceptional commitment and professional attitude.


Silvia Gallegos – Marcus Brown

Alejandro Ramirez


Priscilla Ruiz

Natalia Castro



Pamela Hector


Diego Sanchez

Cristina Guell

Maricruz Campos

Jeanine Atencio

Daniela Quesada


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