2013 Graduation Projects Public Presentations


We proudly invite you to be part of our students´ graduation projects public presentations to be celebrated during this week at the Veritas University School of Architecture.

Students, tutors and an invited panel of juries will join in a presentation/exhibition of exemplary projects, models and drawings exploring possible scenarios for regional city making along Highway 27, from the city center in the country´s capital San José to the Pacific Coast.

The presentations will show projects questioning -and resisting- traditional models of practice, bridging landscape, architecture and infrastructure as basic elements to fabricate spatiality.

All invited!

Feb 11

Andrés Lara – Estrategia de crecimiento urbano – Guacima Alajuela

1:00 PM – Aula 414

Pamela Hector – Intervención Regional en el CABO

4:00 PM – Aula 414

Feb 13

Alejandro Ramirez – Ciudad Aeropuerto Orotina

 Priscilla Ruiz – Caldera. Renovación Urbano – Portuaria

Natalia Castro – Ciudad Tic. Ciruelas – El Coyol

7:00 PM – Auditorio Roberto Sasso Sasso


Wendy Molina

Carlos Umaña Gambassi


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