Veritas Architecture Festival – ECOLOGIC STUDIO

The Veritas University School of Architecture will be celebrating the annual projects review starting this August 17th.
The exhibition will show the results of the annual agendas developed by more than 450 students in 15 design units.

This year’s exhibition theme will be “Biodiversity, Technology and Design”, and the school is running a series of lectures and discussion platforms that will set Veritas and Costa Rica as a leading and emergent developer of such issues worldwide.

Renowned national and international architectural practices as Ay A Studio – Paris (www.ayarchitecture.com), Dear Architects – Mexico (www.deararchitects.com), Marcos Cruz – London (director of the Bartlett School), Benjamin Garcia – London(www.richardrogers.com), EcoLogic Studio – London, and many others  will be lecturing during the exhibition.

As one of the main events, Ecologic Studio will be directing a one-week workshop open to students and professionals called  “Urban Biodiversity. The San Jose Bio-Social Network Infrastructure.”

More info on the workshop and the festival after the break…



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