During the first decade of the twenty-first century, nine architects from Costa Rica studied at the AA at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The path that each of them chose for their training as an architect, as well as the particular relationship they established with architecture, has marked a new episode in Costa Rican architectural culture.

Throughout May and part of June, each of the AA graduates living in the country will be presenting their ideas, tools and the modalities through which they make, speak and think about architecture. The aim of the event is to draw on the diversity of relationships that each of the participants sets out with architecture in order to open new spheres of action for the discipline, and extend its potential and role in Costa Rica.

The event is organised by Valeria Guzman and will take place in the Auditorium of the School of Architecture at the University of Costa Rica, every Wednesday at 5.30.

4 May, Juan C. Sanabria, MSc
Atmospheres, Neighborhoods and Schools: The Intangible Education of an Architect

11 May, Jaime Sol, Arq.
Ornament and the Art of Exposure

18 May, María P. Saenz, MA
(Re) Discovering the Role of Architecture

25 May, Carlos Umaña, MA
Digitally Fabricated Cities

1 June, Valeria Guzmán, Dra.

8 June, Diego van der Laat, Arq
24 Architectures per Second

Valeria Guzmán Verri, MA PhD Histories & Theories of Architecture, AA
Universidad de Costa Rica Escuela de Arquitectura I



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